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How Companies Are Adapting To A Forced Digital Transformation


LAST UPDATED: 07 June, 2023

The majority of the workforce going remote was something that no one could have predicted, and for many companies they have had to adapt swiftly. Not only in taking content online or offering delivery services where none existed before, but in standard business functions such as invoicing, HR process or onboarding. Our hand has been forced to spend time becoming completely digital in many areas, in a very small time frame, and these processes and procedures will undoubtedly remain moving forwards. 

While many organisations were previously taking a measured approach to their evolution, the coronavirus outbreak accelerated every timeline. Depending on the sector, the pandemic drove online adoption forward by two to ten years in the space of two months. Already a priority, the capacity for digital insight and fulfilment became business critical, whatever the business.

Companies recognising the need to adapt grew dramatically during Q2, as the length and scale of our current crisis became more apparent. From a survey that we conducted with eConsultancy, we found that in just over three weeks, the share of companies that instituted product or service innovations that will outlast the current crisis, jumped from 22% to 47%.


You only get one chance at a first digital impression, and a short time to forge lasting connections. The need for companies to have an excellent digital customer experience is key, so we’ll likely see CX, UX and digital marketing roles taking centre stage. 78% of senior executives say that having the right talent in CX, UX and digital marketing is critical to their ability to launch new products/services.


As businesses return to near-normal operations, companies must continue to reflect ongoing changes in the customer journey and maintain their strategy with digital at the core. The shift in customer behaviour inspired enormous creativity, and moving forward, the ability to rapidly innovate will separate winners from losers. 

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